Question about Thomas and his brain tumor...

apbas88 @, 5/25/2023, 10:14PM(16 days ago) @Torval

If Thomas had the brain tumor when the Beth drama occurred, could that have played a role in his actions? Not excusing what happened, but maybe the underlying medical issue was involved. He is absolutely responsible for all of his despicable actions since his brain surgery, but that's a whole other story.

He had a subdural haemorrhage. Not exactly the same as a brain tumor. (Pam had a brain tumor, for example)

The explanations of the doctor were very vague. Thomas banged his head a couple of times before the doll story but was was this hematoma recent or had it been developping for months? It was never specified. It's something that should be asked to the actor or Casey if they ever have another Bold Live. I think it was left open to interpretations.

No Pam had scar tissue removed. She did not have a brain tumor.

Interesting. I was convinced it was a brain tumor. I will try to find the transcripts.

Pamela Douglas

Hospitalizations and Maladies
Underwent brain surgery to remove scar tissue that was causing sociopathic behavior [2008]

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