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I liked Rick and Phoebe together. That was a true love story until they had to bring Taylor in. Taylor ruins everything. I also loved Phoebe. They killed off the wrong sister

Rick and Steffy was also very well written. I think Phoebe was too innocent and naive for him. He did love Steffy but he hated Ridge more. That was sad.

I actually could have liked Rick and Steffy. I know so many concentrate on what he told Ridge (which was proven to be done only to anger Ridge). Rick and Steffy got engaged after that whole thing, so Steffy got past it. It just got to be too hard with the family feuding, so they ended it. It could have been really good. Her with Rick and her with Marcus were the only times I found Steffy to be bearable.

She was a different person back then. Didn't have the whole Logan vendetta. She changed after she and Rick broke up.

Yep. She turned so nasty. And no, it wasn't because of how Rick treated her, either. She really loved Rick, and she didn't blame him for anything until she suddenly had a big Logan vendetta.

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