sod spoilers - thomas (Spoilers)

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thomas is thrilled when he’s rehired at forrester (with comments from matt atkinson)

atkinson insists his altar ego is in the right head space to return to work:
“even before this last hiccup, thomas, for over a year, was focused on working and helping everyone. he was not obsessive in any way about hope. he had really moved on and randomly got angry with brooke and did something he shouldn’t have done. yes, thomas is a screwup or you can see him as a guy that was getting better for years and took a step back.”

on hope and thomas:
“it’s completely platonic. i think he has love for her. he admires her. their working relationship is just that, a working relationship. they are an incredible team. thomas gets hope and while hope may keep her guard up around him, i think there is a tremendous amount of empathy she has for thomas, and love she has for thomas.”

liam is not thrilled with the news. “it’s the same old same old when it comes to liam and thomas. i'm looking forward to the day when hell freezes over and liam actually sees some goodness in thomas."

"now he has to avoid sabotaging himself. then again, it’s daytime tv, but i do think for the foreseeable future, you will see thomas really coming into his own.”

I love MA, but hate when actors make up excuses for their character. Who is everyone? The only person Thomas tried to help was Hope, and he had an agenda. He couldn't stop daydreaming about Hope before the HTFT fashion show, until he couldn't resist the temptation and attempted to kiss her. Before the "hiccup", he was desperately trying to convince Ridge to dump his wife. He hid Brooke's phone, deletted her voicemails and helped Steffy expose Brooke and Deacon. He made deadly threats against Liam and pointed a knife at Brooke. Let's not pretend the CPS manipulation was a "step back". There were many other negative signs.

The Hope/Thomas paragraph makes no sense. First it's "completely platonic", then he has love for her and she has love for him. 2 completely opposite interpretations, which one is correct?

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