sod spoilers - thomas (Spoilers)

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How can MA say Thomas wasn't obsessed with Hope before this last hiccup? :roll
- He tried to kiss her after the fashion show, and demanded she lied to her husband about it.
- He used Douglas' wishes to see his parents together to cause problems.
- He used Douglas to spend more time with Hope at Eric's
- He used the whole misunderstanding with Paris to force her to say something she didn't want to say.
- He had a Hope wallpaper on his screen saver. He kept staring at it a few times.
- He gazed at a giant Hope picture on a magazine.
- He had 2 or 3 different fantasies of he and Hope working together and kissing.
- He told her over and over there is only 1 woman for him, and that's Hope.
- He told Hope that his dream is fo them (Douglas Hope Thomas) to be a family
- He threatened to make Liam pay if he'd "interfere" in his relationship with Hope at Forrester

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