So the CO-CEOS were idiots to fire Thomas?

B&Bfan1980, 1/24/2023, 5:06PM(313 days ago) @Tiqui1999

Steffy and Ridge spear-headed getting rid of Thomas. They are the last stamp on anything, and it was up to them to make sure the lines were right, even if that meant pushing a line back or delaying a line. So were Steffy and Ridge idiots to fire Thomas and forge ahead like he had no impact? Was Ridge an idiot to leave at a time like this? Is there a leadership issue that has caused Eric and Zende's designs to be what people aren't used to for HFTF?

Or is this just something that happens when designers change, leaders change, and that the press will catch up once they get used to it? Isn't kind of like hating a new actor playing an old character until you get used to them?

So since Ridge and Steffy are the leaders, does the fall on them or is this something the press needs to just get used to? Or is this all REALLY damn premature off one review? I have a feeling more will follow, but to me it makes no sense that Eric and Zende couldn't mimick what was already done instead of heading in a new direction, but if they chose to do that, why didn't Ridge and Steffy put out a champaign and hype this up? Why did they just throw the line out there to live or die on a vine?

Yes, Steffy is distracted, and Ridge is MIA. They got rid of Thomas for reasons outside of his work performance. Typically, you would look for an appropriate replacement first.

Fashion might be a little different because you like a line or you don't. Taking it in a new direction very well may mean that the people buying it before won't want it now, and hype won't help. Eric probably thought they could create something new with Zende's youthful input and his knowledge and skill.

After the last showing, I am confused by what esthetic HFTF is going with anyway.

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