I don’t want Thomas to be the only one to suffer

Tiqui1999 @, 11/24/2022, 11:58AM(465 days ago) @GracieGirl- one person liked this

Ridge, Taylor, and Steffy are also to blame for what happened. Steffy nearly talked herself and us to death. Taylor operated as if without Ridge she can’t be around for her family. Ridge is a hypocrite, liar and cheat. They are all to blame. I don’t even like Thomas but somehow I think they all contributed this situation.

I'm so excited to see a Thomas and Steffy war, but you are right and so is HopeYouGoGirl. She also said others need to suffer, and she doesn't want the whole blame on Thomas. I respect that, and after thinking about what she said, it does seem Thomas might be lonely under that bus.

I noticed a shift in who'd take the rap for this when Taylor suddenly backed off Ridge and became all "I don't want him this wayish" as she ran off to Aspen. Suddenly, it was as if this war on the Logans had gone away and she and Steffy were just poor Hamilton witches with no good spell to work on Ridge.

Thomas acted on his own and he did it without remorse like a sociopath, but I believe that he was enabled by Steffy and Taylor and their "war" and also because he knows Ridge won't allow him to fall. Ridge will always clean up the mess even if he hates what Thomas did.

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