They better not judge Brooke ever again.

matisse, 11/24/2022, 8:02AM(464 days ago) @Sammy

Taylor, Steffy and Thomas need to keep Brooke's name out of their mouths now. No more throwing things in her face that happened 20 years ago.

Here we have Taylor who went after Brooke's husband and slept with him while he was still very much married to Brooke.

Steffy, who broke the law to get dirt on Brooke...(So glad Thomas threw that in her face), declared war on her out of revenge, shamelessly tried to destroy her marriage, intercepted her phone calls to Ridge, and purposely excluded her from family parties just so Taylor could sit on her husband's lap.

Thomas, who went after Brooke in the lowest way using his little son. Thomas is sick and twisted and evil.

None of those three members of the Tridge mafia have anything over Brooke when it comes to the moral high ground. They have no right to judge her or to throw any more nasty names in her face. None whatsoever. They have shamed Brooke relentlessly when it is them who should be ashamed of themselves.

They will continue to judge Brooke. They don’t know how to stop

It is their favorite past-time. Let's just hope after this round of "how do we screw Brooke over" she will finally stop worrying about Ridge getting mad at her when she tells them off. But, I don't think Brooke is going to have to worry about Ridge asking her to " please just try to see he is changed, that's my boy"

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