Finally got to watch todays show

Barbybo, 11/24/2022, 7:29AM(5 days ago) @matisse

Wow, Steffy is really owning the show again today. Taylor looks better than she ever has before. Lovely. She is really pissed at Tom. Ridge off looking forlorn out the window, like he was going to the gallows, until Carter came over to ask him again, if he was sure. LOL

Well, at least it is only Li as the guest, so the embarrassment will be contained.

Well Brooke gave a clue today....she told her dad that she knew Tom would always be a source of tension for her and Ridge....well, I don't think he will much longer. LOL

Taylor was acting like she was some teenage girl that broke an acrylic right before prom, but it is understandable. She said it herself, when Tom was justifying himself, she said none of this would have happened without the manipulation. She really was losing it and not acting even remotely like someone that ever was a therapist or had therapy, not even like someone that took Psych 101 in college. LOL.

She does not want to tell, that was obvious. She was leaning more toward Tom's way of thinking, but she keeps eyeballing Steffy and I think knows, Steffy is not going to be too pleased if she does not speak up. I am not sure why Taylor did not have them send Ridge upstairs, I think it would go better. This is why I think she is going to try and marry him. Of course, where is the suspense if he went upstairs to be told?

Taylor is really mad at Tom, but it was creepy, she spoke to him like he had been her BF and now he did something that will make her new BF mad. I also think there was a look between them when she came downstairs that she thinks he is right about Brooke "ruining" their lives, and I got the vibe that she is going to side with him, because he wanted her to be happy.

The look on her face at the end was panic. I would think Ridge would be stopping the wedding right now because she looks like she wants to puke.

Ridge won’t dessert his children he sticks thick or thin I think Brooke knows that maybe she won’t be a doormat….but then bell writes all females mats….Taylor will not abandon any either

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