Wild thought: if Thomas was disowned...is there a Marone...

Soapyfun41, 11/24/2022, 1:56AM(370 days ago) @AmazingHope- one person liked this

...story ahead for him?
It's one of the things discussed the most between the fanbases. Acknowledgment and acceptance of the Marone heritage.

Thomas is also never going to get what he wants from Ridge or Eric at the company. They will never get rid of Brooke just to please him. Based on the spoilers Steffy isn't about to let up either. I'm also worried that Taylor is headed some place very dark...like a mental breakdown.

The way he's going to see it is that he's always there for the Forresters, but they never come through for him.

Now would be the PERFECT time to branch off from Forrester on his own...and forge his own path with the Marone name! They made a point of mentioning that his talent is being recognized...and Zende is just there waiting for his chance anyway as the lead on Hope's line. :idea
Plus, there's no way Hope's keeping him on her line anyway after this mess. Lol

There's no way this show can just keep the same pattern of letting Thomas off the hook yet still let him unapologetically plot, stalk & attack people in the halls of Forrester. He's a powder keg about to explode and it's best he do that elsewhere!

There is also a great business tie-in to be had here. Rekindle Thomas & Sally Spectra, but only as a business relationship. Steffy, Bill, Brooke and some others hate her and helping Thomas with a win is a great way to rub her success in Bill Spencer's face after everything he did to destroy her company. She's also someone Thomas can bond with over people not letting their past behavior go.

All I'm saying is that...this story could really set off years of juicy fun, fashion & conflict if the writers think about the long game for Thomas and really make sure they don't waste Matthew Atkinson!! He is a leading man, but this character can't just play 2nd fiddle to his sister for the next 10 years.

Would love a Marone tie in. Sheila’s daughter is his aunt lots of story could come from there.

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