When did Ridge choose Taylor because he loved her more?

matisse, 9/22/2022, 11:10PM(1 day, 23 hours, 17 min. ago) @commonsense- 3 people liked this

I can't think of a time when Ridge chose Taylor over Brooke without any manipulations, lies or pregnancies or feelings of obligation. Was there ever a time when he just chose Taylor because he loved her more? Please help if there was because I don't remember one. He chose her because of his concern for Eric, because he was manipulated to think Brooke was cheating, because his mother faked a heart attack, because she had his babies and because people made up lies about what Brooke did like Berrygate. I can't think of any time when he just chose Taylor because she was the love of his life. Did I miss something?

I cannot think of one time. He did seem to love her when she was dying several times. If that counts? LOL. He danced her body around the room when she was dying from being shot. He mourned her death in the plane crash. He moaned when she was dying of TB. I think Ridge loves Taylor best when she is dying or dead. LOL

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