When did Ridge choose Taylor because he loved her more?

Cendrillon, 9/22/2022, 10:59PM(1 day, 22 hours, 5 min. ago) @commonsense

Ridge STAYED married to Taylor in 1992 even AFTER being told that Bridget was his daughter.

So no one can say that Ridge annulled his 1998 marriage to Brooke because he found out Thomas was his son. He did that because he was IN LOVE WITH TAYLOR and was even shown thinking of Taylor and regretting what they had lost in late 1997 while engaged to Brooke.

Ridge shed BITTER TEARS when he was told that Thomas was Thorne's because he wanted so badly to FINALLY have a family with Taylor. Ronn Moss should have won an Emmy for those scenes!!

Also Ridge REFUSED to leave Taylor for Brooke in 2001 despite all of Brooke's attempts to seduce him - even stripping naked for him in gis office while he had 3 tiny kids at home - and EVEN after finding out that Taylor went along with Stephanie and Massimo's scheme to lure Brooke to Paris on the pretext that her father was dying.

It's only AFTER 2006 that Ridge would keep picking his "Logan" - and that was mainly because he didn't want Nick or Bill to get her.

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