spoilers - sep 27 (Spoilers)

commonsense, 9/22/2022, 10:56PM(1 day, 22 hours, 21 min. ago) @Cendrillon- 2 people liked this

Well I do have to say that you have captured some of Brooke's character -she often puts others ahead of herself so it would not be out of character for her to let Ridge go because she thought she was dying - just like she let him go because of Thomas's lies about Berrygate where she thought she hurt him so bad that she let him go - only for him to find out that his son lied and then go back to her. She is so much more considerate of Ridge than his children are - they don't care what he wants, only what is good for them. I just wish that she would get fed up with Ridge's hypocrisy and his constantly defending his lying manipulating babies when they wrong her. She needs to drop him and let Taylor soothe his little itty bitty ego.

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