spoilers - sep 27 (Spoilers)

Cendrillon, 9/22/2022, 10:49PM(437 days ago) @matisse

As much as what you predicted would be expected, I do have an alternative theory that BRIDGE fans might love.

Brooke finds out she has a terminal illness and TELLS TAYLOR to take Ridge the same way Caroline once told HER. She dumps Ridge and "hands him over" to Taylor thinking she is going to die, and then Brad Bell has Ridge pining for BROOKE the way you envisioned him pining for TAYLOR in your scenario.

Then eventually when Brooke finds a miraculous cure for her "terminal illness" - since we know that Brad Bell will NEVER EVER let go of KKL - Ridge "returns to Logan" leaving Taylor in the cold.

I'm sure most Bridge fans would RELISH that scenario although I'm hoping I'm wrong obviously and that Brad Bell instead restores what Tridge had in the 90s and early 2000s.

I guess we will all know soon enough.

P.S - In my predicted scenario obviously Brooke WOULD NOT TELL Ridge or anyone else that she is dying........rather, once a miraculous cure is found she will reveal that she only let him go because she THOUGHT she was dying, at which point Ridge reunites with her.

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