Thomases parents failed him

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If it turns out that Thomas is still not well, Tridge is to blame. It is so unprofessional that Taylor worked with Thomas on his psychiatric problems m, and from a distance at that. I don’t know any professional in the world who would think that it is appropriate for a parent to work with her son no matter the professional reputation. It is only acceptable to treat a family member in an emergency situation. While it may not be illegal, it is considered unethical. I hate it when any television show messes around with medical or legal issues and don’t follow the ethical guidelines of that profession because it leads to unrealistic stories.

I think "failed him" is a huge understatement. They did not make him be accountable to the authorities for attempting to murder Rick, twice. They just whisked him out of the country and got him some psychobabble help from his mother's lover. They never got him help when he was obsessed with Hope. Ridge knows he chased Emma to her death, and Ridge hid it from the cops and her family. Ridge and Taylor both know he was in cahoots with Sheila about her dosing Brooke. Tom has a lot of baggage to deal with, some of his making, some of his parents making. Taylor long ago showed her disdain for her only son, when she gifted all her shares of FC to his little sister, and none to him. He even told people how hurt he was by it, and mentioned that she did not care as much about him. Ridge accused him of raping Caroline, whom Ridge had dumped at the time, and even when Caroline told Ridge it was mutual sex, he still treated Tom like garbage and tried to steal his son from him. Years before all of this stuff, Tom learned through betrayal, that he could not trust his mother. She turned his then wife into the INS because he and his wife dared to have sex, in Taylor's home, after being told, they could be married, but just were not allowed to sleep together. Ridge was no better, he thought Gabi was beneath his son's stature.

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