spoilers - sep 27 (Spoilers)

prime ⌂, Knoxville Tenn., 9/22/2022, 7:26PM(375 days ago) @matisse

brooke causes alarm when she recounts her scary moment with thomas to ridge
ridge and thomas receive unwelcome visitors at the forrester mansion

It looks more and more like someone will get hurt in Aspen. This will be the special circumstance Bell mentionned in the Fall previews. But unless he is secretly hiding informations, we know Thomas isn't going to Aspen. I doubt anything bad happens to Ridge.
Could Steffy physically harm Brooke? Until now most disasters she caused were unintentional. She has slapped and assaulted a few people, but she has never deliberately tried to harm or kill someone. My guess is there will be a catfight between Steffy and Brooke. One of them will accidentally fall off the mountain or go over a balcony or something like that. My bet : Steffy assaults Brooke (not with the intention to kill her though, but they have a violent encounter). She starts the fight but Brooke defends herself and accidentally harms Steffy. Steffy in a coma again. Ridge doesn't believe Brooke, and that's how circumstances make him choose Taylor (until he wants Brooke back, obviously) When she wakes up, Steffy lies and claims Brooke attacked her. Thomas learns and goes along with it. Maybe this isn't EXACTLY how it will happen but it's the most likely scenario in my opinion,

I would say you are right, but why did Brooke mention the doctor's appt she missed? Also, can the show really suffer through another one of Steffy's comas and almost death experiences. She has them yearly and if this happens that will mean, she is having them bi-annually. It would be absurd.

The best way for this to go would be Steffy injures Brooke...and it finally forces Ridge to see that his daughter is nuts. In order to get her the help she needs...and keep her out of jail...Steffy is committed.

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