spoilers - sep 27 (Spoilers)

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brooke causes alarm when she recounts her scary moment with thomas to ridge
ridge and thomas receive unwelcome visitors at the forrester mansion

So I am guessing that the unwelcome visitors are the cops or DCFS because Brooke calls them. Ridge gets angry because Brooke doesn't coddle his criminal son and cover for him. Ridge moves out and back to the Forrester mansion. Ridge and Taylor get it on. Brooke maybe finds out she is sick. Brooke goes off to Aspen alone. Ridge finds out everything Brooke has been telling him about Tom is true, or he finds out Brooke is sick. Ridge runs to Aspen to find her. Taylor goes with him to tell Brooke or beg Brooke not tp press charges on their sick kids. Steffy follows them to try and stop them from "sacrificing" their BIG love. Ridge stays with Brooke out of guilt, and he and Taylor now have an unrequited love affair going. He is "sacrificing" himself for Brooke or because of Brooke, and only he and Taylor know that they are truly in love, and they will be stealing secret glances, and moments of kissing, whenever they can.

BTW, if this is what comes to pass, I am really done with this show.

I doubt some of this happens. If Tridge hooks up...Ridge will regret everything the moment he learns the truth...and beg forgiveness like Liam did with Hope,when he found out about the mannequin. Taylor will once again look like a fool...but she might get her rebound if Brooke kicks Ridge out like she should.

I am just speculating who the unwelcome visitors are, because the only thing that makes sense is that they are DCFS or the cops. And, I think if Brooke tells Ridge that Tom threatens her, he is going to leave her to go to Eric's and oversee Tom. I do think Ridge is heading back to Eric's. If Brooke rats Tom out to either the cops or DCFS, then she has to know, Ridge would never forgive her for actually wanting to stop his psycho son. He will blame Brooke. Even though Ridge knows, Tom chased Emma to her death, and Tom was in cahoots with Sheila. If Brooke does go to the cops I will give her props, for trying to stop another dangerous Hamilton before they hurt someone. Taylor and Steffy have already shot and killed people themselves.

Brooke should press charges against the Tridge Mafia...Ridge be damned. Press charges against Steffy for hacking into her security system while she's at it. Getting those lunatics off the streets is far more important than Ridge's cheating behind.

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