Thomas manipulating Hope

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With every word Thomas said to Hope, all I could think of was Liam telling her not to let Thomas get in her head. I can't believe Thomas expected her to buy that Steffy empathizes with Hope's feelings. He was doing good gaslighting her until he got to that.

Thomas telling Hope to see that every time their dad "goes to be with" Hope's mom, to think about what it does to their family and mom.

Hello, dummy! Ridge is freaking MARRIED to Brooke. They act like he's dating two women. Crazy gaslighting. These Faux Forresters act like they don't understand what a marriage is.

What I hate about this show is the way these writers are so one sided constantly bringing up Brooke's past yet not one word can be spoken in response about Ridge , Taylor , Steffy or Thomas of their past actions or crimes. It feels as though the writers want the viewers to totally forget everything we have watched over the years and believe that these characters are as pure as driven snow...maybe they can snow job new viewers but long time viewers remember the history even if these writers don't.

Based on the sinking ratings...I'm not sure there are any new viewers for them to trick.

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