spoilers - sep 27 (Spoilers)

hopeyougogirl, 9/22/2022, 6:51PM(261 days ago) @prime- one person liked this

brooke causes alarm when she recounts her scary moment with thomas to ridge
ridge and thomas receive unwelcome visitors at the forrester mansion

Hopefully it's the CPS, taking Douglas away from that deranged psychopath!! Permanently. :grrr!!!

Yes, and whose fault will it be? Steffy and Taylor's. They declared this damn war. Get it going, Brooke!

I'm sure Steffy and Taylor will blame Brooke and Hope..everything is the Logans' fault. :roll

Let them blame away. I just wish Brooke had turned Taylor in for shooting Bill...and Steffy for hacking into Brooke's home security system.

You and me both..those two unhinged witches need to be locked up.

Shown on screen, Steffy blackmailed Bill. Yet, she told Ivy (and Liam too) that “blackmail is a crime”. Per Steffy’s own words, she IS a criminal cuz she has blackmailed.

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