Hope made all the sense

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Steffy was manipulative. Everyone knows it. No one seems to like it, even if they are on Steffy's team, and Hope is right. It will be fine if Ridge wants Taylor; however, for the thousandth time, let it be Ridge's choice.

Taylor is hilarious saying Brooke makes the same mistakes with Ridge for decades. Well, so does she and so does Steffy. This isn't Steffy's first, second, third or fourth time trying to manipulate relationships. She needs to stop.

Taylor wants to say Steffy is a grown woman. I'm with Brooke -- REMIND Steffy's childish ass of it because she forgot that she's not in her terrible 2s.

Thomas asked if anyone could stop Steffy. And he's right. She's a hard-headed witch. No one can stop her. That's why she and Finn even wound up shot. Because Finn couldn't stop her then, either. My mom says a hard head makes a soft behind. I hope Steffy learns that.

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