Why is This Okay?

ShortandSassy, 8/6/2022, 4:23PM(52 days ago) @CBS03-12

As long as Ridge doesn't kidnap//drug/sequester someone or repeatedly and cold-bloodily tries to shoot someone to death, I don't see how Deacon is better.
In terms of cheating, Deacon is also 1000x worse than Ridge. He was married to Bridget and having an ongoing affair (SEX) with her mother. He was bedding another woman for months behind his wife's back. Ridge never came close to doing something like this. Now he helped Sheila escape and stalking a married woman, there isn't a positive thing I can say about him.
It doesn't mean I agree with Ridge's behavior at the moment, on the other hand.

What about the fact he was in his 20's, was stupid and it was Brooke freaking Logan. She was a huge sex symbol then. Doesnt excuse his actions but it was supposedly before Bridget went to school to be a doctor. How long is he supposed to be alive before he lives it down? Who did he shoot? Who did he kidnap/drug/sequester? Ridge has stolen how many girlfriend/wives from his brothers (all three)? Ridge slept with Brooke while she was with his father, tried to ship his son off so he couldn't see HIS own child, tried to frame his brother for a murder, and last but not least he pulled Eric's plug while treating Eric's wife like trash and totally disregarded Eric's wishes about everything during that time.

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