How can soaps getaway with sexism in 2022

Barbybo, 8/6/2022, 5:45AM(50 days ago) @Grannysmith

I don’t think so. You don’t know that Ridge won’t get his this time. That’s what keeps people watching.

And it is Brooke who tolerates the double standard Ridge seems to impose on her. I say seems to impose because she allows it. The question is why doesn’t Brooke stand up for herself? She is completely self-sufficient financially, has no minor children to consider, is intelligent, talented, and beautiful. If anyone should be standing up for Brooke it should be Brooke. I don’t see anything being imposed upon her because she does allow it. I understand she loves the guy deeply so that’s a choice the writers have her make…to put up with it. But who’s to say she hasn’t finally had enough? And we tune in to see if that happens.

There have to be couples who are torn. Last summer it was Eric and Quinn when Eric condoned and encouraged Quinn’s relationship with Carter. That could be seen as both sexism and ageism.

If everyone on soaps stood up for him or herself all the time there would be no stories to tell. No tension. Part of the drama is to see how long a character, in this case, Brooke, is going to continue to accept how things are in a relationship…in this case with Ridge.

There’s also budgeting to consider – how many actors can they hire to have these characters hook up with romantically lol?

They rewash whole shows rewash they should shape up add new cause this ain't cutting it I fast forward the yap sessiions they do they stink

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