Taylor really has no shame and same goes for Ridge

matisse, 8/6/2022, 12:07AM(52 days ago) @ShortandSassy- 2 people liked this

I must be strange but I loved the fact Taylor saw Ridge kiss his wife. She only got a kiss and Brooke is going to bed with him and has his last name. She still thinks it's just sex with Bridge because she don't listen to him. She truly believes that Ridge wants her even though he keeps picking Brooke. Everytime she looks in the mirror she knows the woman looking back at her is the other woman and he doesn't think enough of her to make her is wife again unlike Brooke. Even after that magical kiss he chose Brooke. This is the best storyline possible for me. Finally the real Taylor is showing woooohoooo. I'm ready to see this strong woman wait for Ridge even now lol. I'm truly giggly writing about it.

OK since we are being honest. I don't really want Brooke with Ridge anymore, I want her with Bill. But, I am loving that she is the good wife and Taylor is the new SFTV who will let a married man feel her up in her desperate attempt to get him to like her. I can almost hear her saying to Steffy next week....."oooh Steffy, Moondoggy kissed me and went up my shirt. Maybe he really likes me, really" LOL.

I want Ridge to pick Brooke just to see old Gidget's face break into a million pieces and then Dee Dee can console her by telling her that she is really all that and a bag of chips too. LOL

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