Taylor really has no shame and same goes for Ridge

matisse, 8/5/2022, 11:59PM(52 days ago) @Steffyfanatic- one person liked this

Eh. I really don’t care about Brooke. She had no shame or pride when she ran behind Ridge when he was married to Taylor, chased behind Nick when he was with Taylor or how she tried to come between Eric & Taylor to pass off Bill’s baby as his. So I don’t care. She’s a hypocrite, Taylor’s a hypocrite and Ridge is a hypocrite. They all might as well move in together cause nobody is letting anybody go.

I can see your point. This is starting to seem like some sort of switch of the roles of the women. Ridge canoodling with Taylor, while married to Brooke. Taylor is now Brooke, who always thought he was going to leave Taylor, whenever they made out somewhere because Taylor had made him man, instead he stayed put. Now it is Taylor thinking he is going to dump his wife and come running to her. Both women now walk in each other's shoes. They have successfully made Taylor into Brooke, and Brooke into Taylor. LOL Taylor is now the new SFTV who is chasing a married man to ground, blatantly, and Brooke is now the patient wife waiting at home. And Ridge is still getting away with everything. This show should be set in the 1950's when women were treated like property by men.

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