Why is This Okay?

Tiqui1999 @, 8/5/2022, 11:44PM(485 days ago) @Joy

As long as Ridge doesn't kidnap//drug/sequester someone or repeatedly and cold-bloodily tries to shoot someone to death, I don't see how Deacon is better.
In terms of cheating, Deacon is also 1000x worse than Ridge. He was married to Bridget and having an ongoing affair (SEX) with her mother. He was bedding another woman for months behind his wife's back. Ridge never came close to doing something like this. Now he helped Sheila escape and stalking a married woman, there isn't a positive thing I can say about him.
It doesn't mean I agree with Ridge's behavior at the moment, on the other hand.

If we're holding stuff Deacon did against Bridget from 30 plus years ago, then we have to do the same with Ridge, who sexed up his SIL across the hall in his mother's house when his SIL was too drunk to say no. Ridge also sexed up Brooke after she'd been drugged on pills and couldn't say no. Ridge slept with an impregnated Morgan because he was too stupid to ask his wife did she really email him that insane request.

That's worst than Deacon in my book.

Ridge has stalked a married woman -- namely Brooke.

Ridge also tried to claim his grandchild (Douglas) as his own and made Thomas miss the birth of his son. Ridge tried to transfer Thomas overseas to keep him away from Douglas. Ridge and Stephanie tried to frame Nick for murder when Shane committed suicide in Ridge's office. Ridge made it sound like Bill raped Steffy and crazy Taylor shot Bill because of it. Ridge let Felony Flo go free to protect his brat Thomas after Thomas chased Emma and scared her off of the road.

Yes, these things as well. He also took Bill on a terror helicopter ride. Yeah, Bill did it to Ridge first, but revenge is no excuse to act like that.

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