It pains me to see that child so upset

Grannysmith, 8/5/2022, 7:56PM(6 days ago)- one person liked this

The child playing Hayes has only had one short scene recently where he was semi calm…but not totally. He is always on the verge of tears and quite often is crying and today was really tough to see how red his face was and how he was sobbing. I don’t know if the child is a boy or a girl but either way clearly the child is not wanting to be an actor just yet. It also seems the child may be teething the way he/she is always gnawing on a toy when not munching little baby treats…in between sobs. Yes it is distracting for me at times but that’s not the problem – I can get past that – I just hate to see a child ..any child…in that much distress. He’s also a tad small for Hayes’ being 13 months old.

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