How can soaps getaway with sexism in 2022

GracieGirl, 8/5/2022, 7:43PM(6 days ago)- 2 people liked this

I always say it’s so blatant there should be a laugh track and treat it like a spoof.

I feel as if Brooke is the only character to experience payback or karma for her past behaviors in an environment where other characters have done the same things.

Breacon- Ridge pursued Bridget
Tridge - Ridge dumped Brooke and RJ for Taylor’s return
Throoke - Ridge tricked Brooke into admitting she still had feelings for him
Brill - Ridge dumped Brooke and pursued Katie

There’s a pattern here and it’s not just Brooke. How come Ridge faces no karma especially when Brooke moves on and he won’t leave her alone. What makes matters worse is show won’t allow Brooke to stand up to Ridge. Spencer and Forrester men have betrayed parents, children, and siblings.

Maybe by definition soaps are serial dramas that exploit sexist attitudes.

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