Why is This Okay?

BellaSole ⌂, Bergamo, Italy, 8/5/2022, 6:48PM(6 days ago)- 3 people liked this

Why is it okay for Ridge to ban Deacon, Hope's father, from Brooke's property, but it's fine and dandy for him to bring the witch Taylor into Brooke's home? Just another example of Ridge's hypocrisy and abusiveness, I guess. I have to wonder if he'll stay with Brooke or have to take Taylor home to Steffy's. Or does he expect his wife to put his hateful ex-wife up so Finn and Steffy can have privacy?

Ridge is a horse's behind. At this point, Deacon is 100 times the man Ridge has ever been.

I have to give Brooke credit for greeting Taylor civilly and not throwing the man-chasing witch out.

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