I want Hunter Tylo and Ronn Moss back

BBfanforever, 8/5/2022, 6:06PM(575 days ago) @Longtime viewer

Its just not the same with Thorsten and Krista. Thorsten's Ridge is not believable as a suave, playboy, fashion designer and Krista's Taylor seems to immature...she doesnt come across as a sophisticated, classy, mature doctor....more like a gigly high school girl. Her styling is also horrible.....what do you guys think?

I agree they can’t replace the original tridge … but there’s no going back
TK isn’t appealing to me.
And KA is gorgeous but she hasn’t the poise and sophistication HT brought to Taylor
I liked Taylor character bc she was strong serene and intellectual
KA is really beautiful but she moves too much and her whispering voice is unnatural. Sitting on the desk or putting her shoes on the sofa … not attractive nor appropriate
I don’t really care for this Taylor either but as I despise Brooke forever

If Taylor must be the one who make Brooke feel what she inflicted to all the wifes she walked on to seduce their husbands SO BE IT

Brooke didn’t respect ANY marriage, karma is a B

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