I want Hunter Tylo and Ronn Moss back

Dreamgirl, 8/5/2022, 5:58PM(565 days ago) @Longtime viewer

Its just not the same with Thorsten and Krista. Thorsten's Ridge is not believable as a suave, playboy, fashion designer and Krista's Taylor seems to immature...she doesnt come across as a sophisticated, classy, mature doctor....more like a gigly high school girl. Her styling is also horrible.....what do you guys think?

Tylo yes, Ron Moss no. I'm used to this Ridge now and I like him when he's not being an obnoxious jerk. But yes, KA has made me realize there's only one Taylor, and that's Tylo. I'd love to have her back. As annoying as her Taylor was, at least I could watch her. This current Taylor is completely unwatchable for me.

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