Anyone else hate just the thought of a SINN reunion???

Fickledseptum @, 6/23/2022, 1:51PM(662 days ago) @JX

Sorry but not sorry, hate these two together.
Totally a bore. FF all their scenes.
It would have been a million times better if one of them NEVER got their memory back!
It had potential for being a good story lineā€¦
Surprise, surprise that potential went down the toilet. What a let down!

I despise Steffy, no matter who she is with. I think her best pairing was Wyatt, but I hated how she treated him in the end. Finn is just an annoying character, and Steffy drags him down. I will cheer for him the day he kicks her to the curb, but he'll still annoy me. I think Liam drags Hope down to, but it doesn't mean I'd want her with Finn. Hope needs a new love interest and Steffy should end up with no one!


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