Anyone else hate just the thought of a SINN reunion???

BellaSole ⌂, Bergamo, Italy, 6/23/2022, 12:14PM(466 days ago) @Drangonfly

Sorry but not sorry, hate these two together.
Totally a bore. FF all their scenes.
It would have been a million times better if one of them NEVER got their memory back!
It had potential for being a good story line…
Surprise, surprise that potential went down the toilet. What a let down!

I'm hoping Finn will have a whole new personality.

I am, too, because the one he had was a total bore, though he was nice and had potential.

Finn is very nice to look at. That's it. There isn't much more to say about him. Hopefully they make him more assertive.

A more assertive Finn? I would love that!

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