JMW return date as Steffy announced

harper1, 6/23/2022, 11:59AM(662 days ago) @Barbybo

This is dependent on pre-emptions of course but the date right now is set for July 4


WOOHOO!!!! Finally the show will be worth watching again! I'm beyond thrilled to hear when JMW will be back and I'm looking forward to her reunion with her true love FINN.

I love how JMW manages work and home life. She and her husband know how to balance everything. I'm sure they have help, and that is wonderful and more power to them.

JMW rocks!:love

ICAM!! :love can’t wait for it! I just read according to TK, that the filming involves helicopters and explosions. Sounds like the SINN reunion is going to bring some good drama. :-D

Hi gal show really needs it it’s been all yapping lately

That's for sure, Barby. Enough of Deric, Parter and heehaw Hope the new marriage counselor.

Yes as a marriage counselor when liam cheated I remember her words ….aw liam you didn’t use protection ..guess she wants him to carry it in his wallet for oopsies :lol. Good advice

Pathetic. A decade later and she still hangs in there. :lol It seems Lope has no story unless he's waffling. Pretty much back burned for over a year and this viewer couldn't be happier about it. :-D

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