Anyone else hate just the thought of a SINN reunion???

cranberryboy, 6/23/2022, 9:25AM(231 days ago) @CBS03-12

Biggest problem I have with SINN is Steffy was ready to ditch him like yesterday's garbage the second she "thought" Liam finally realized he wanted her. This is the ONLY time Steffy had the choice since she met Finn, and not only she chose to sleep with Liam but also told him she wished they were still together. After that, NOTHING will convince this viewer that Steffy would want Finn if Liam was single and actively chasing after her.
Other problem is SHEILA. This is not like Brooke/Stephanie. They had a love/hatred relationship and Stephanie wasn't a raging serial killer. Sheila will always be Finn's mother and Steffy will always despise her with passion. Don't see how she can ever be at peace as long as Sheila is in the picture.
And yeah, 3rd problem is the lack of chemistry, but this one is a matter of opinion. If they really reunite in Monaco in July, I hope that means backburner for a very long time.

Sheila won’t be a problem if she’s dead.

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