JMW return date as Steffy announced

Riley, 6/23/2022, 9:08AM(222 days ago) @KKLBAB12- one person liked this

I didn't.
It's a guess. Brooke isn't going to let Ridge just go away on a trip like that with Taylor. I just think she'll let him go and get all she can in a settlement so he's miserable with his consolation prize.

Why wouldn't she let him? If she still wants him back after he stayed at Steffy's guesthouse for months, just a few steps away from Taylor's bedroom, I don't see why a trip to Europe with Taylor to see Steffy should be a deal breaker. It's not some romantic getaway. So to me, Brooke deciding to let Ridge go because of this trip doesn't seem like a possible scenario at all, especially since Bell said in the summer previews that Ridge will be the one making a decision about his future, not Brooke. And Brooke is definitely not the person who would try to "get all she can" in a divorce settlement.

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