JMW return date as Steffy announced

BellaSole, Beverly Hills, California, 6/23/2022, 2:07AM(662 days ago) @Cendrillon

These were my thoughts too...third baby in a short time and back to work after a few weeks only...but I am sure her husband will not have to look after the boys all by himself, they will have a nurse and a nanny too...and probably a cook and a gardener, Hollywood life...;-)

EXACTLY. Going by JMW's Instagram pictures and such, they are DEFINITELY living the Hollywood celeb life. Lol. Not like Angelina Jolie perhaps, but still unmistakably Hollywood.

Most soap stars will never make in their lifetime what it takes to live a glamorous "Hollywood" life. Even KKL does not live that lifestyle. Not that she doesn't have a nice home, south of LA, she does, but the only one I've heard of who lives a "Hollywood" life is MTS on Y&R and that's because her husband is an executive producer. And they recently downsized now that all their kids have moved out.

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