Swim for your life Li!! I won't accept anything else.

cranberryboy, 6/22/2022, 10:24PM(7 days ago) @longtimerfan

They can't keep doing this!!

Killing off or sending away every extended family member of characters on this infuriating show. Li is important and Naomi...what a great actress!! Enough laziness and enough of "the wrath of Sheila". Li needs to come back...bring the police and save her son!

Unless the writers lied (AGAIN), I don't think Li is coming back. Those 3 spoilers were shared in early June at a fan event in Louisiana, from what I've heard...

1) A shocking character death will happen sometime in June

2) An unexpected wedding will take place soon

3) A romance nobody sees coming is about to kick off.

Well they said Finn died too, but he didn’t.

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