I don’t understand this Breacon narrative

PoH @, 5/15/2022, 5:25AM(391 days ago) @Liz

So although Brooke an alcoholic was drunk she knowingly and willingly partied with Deacon and invited him to spend the night? I’m confused because that next morning Brooke expressed shock to see Deacon there. I’m also remembering the Ridge-Shauna story. Is the show now saying that Ridge willingly went upstairs with Shauna, allowed her to take off his clothes and slipped under the covers with him? Brooke learned about what happened from the bartender. I’m confused about these alcohol stories. Under what circumstances are characters in control? In real life, there many young college men serving jail time because young college coed can’t remember inviting them to the room because they all were drunk.

It's a good question considering the number of comments on this board about Brooke wanting to kiss Deacon even though she was drunk. Comments like drunk Brook wouldn't do something she didn't want. That's a very uncomfortable and scary observation considering what you mention above and the number of assaults that occur on drunk woman.

So that would mean Taylor wanted to mow over Darla and kill her when she was driving drunk and on a suspended license.

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