I don’t understand this Breacon narrative

BellaSole ⌂, Bergamo, Italy, 5/15/2022, 4:51AM(196 days ago) @matisse

I can't understand , specially from Taylor. She literally killed someone because she drove drunk with a suspended licence, and covered it up. She almost set herself on fire because of alcohol. She lost custody of her son because of alcohol. She is the last person who should judge alcoholics. Ridge also had issues with alcohol, but at least he never killed anyone because of it. But I agree, his "mistakes" with Shauna should be acknowledged. Nobody spiked his drink when he spent the night with Shauna or when he '''married''' her in Vegas.

It is just the same old BS on this show. If one of the Tridge idiots does it, it is all just a mistake. If a Logan does it, they should be made to wear a giant A on their clothing, before they are burned at the stake. I am really sick and tired of all the Tridgesters getting away with murder, attempted murder, drunken antics, lying, cheating, stealing, blackmailing, etc. You name it, one of them have done it. Even making out with dolls, and hallucinating that a baby is mocking them. These people are freaking criminal loons. Taylor and Tom should be locked up with Sheila.

Agree 100%.

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