I don’t understand this Breacon narrative

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I agree...and I also remember the story where Caroline had taken pills (which Tom didn´t know) and then drank alcohol with Tom....she wasc crying like crazy because Ridge had left her.
She certainly was in no condition to consent to what happened then but still slept with Tom.
The next morning, when she woke up and saw what they had done, she was crying and screaming.
In my country, Tom would have problems to explain why this shouldn´t be called rape.
But in this show they told us this was a love story and they even had Caroline say later that she "wanted it too".
Not a very good message to young people at least...
(And I don´t want to start a discussion if it was rape, I am sure we had it here when it happened...just wanted to point out that the show doesn´t do alcohol and kissing/lovemaking in a pc way).

Unfortunately, these type of storylines go all the way to the beginning of the show. I have been watching the first few seasons. During I think 1989, when Thorne was married to the first Caroline, she had drank too much and had went to bed. Ridge was going to play a prank on her and sneaked into her bed. They ended up having sex. The next morning she was not sure of what happened and she said that she thought that he was Thorne. Later on, when she wanted to divorce Thorne and marry Ridge, she told Ridge that she knew it was him and consented. I think the writers changed it later on to keep it from looking like rape. It was always referred to as a joke or trick on the show.

I remember that scene now that you bring it up.

I can’t believe how other shows normalized it. i.e. Todd from OLTL, Roger from GL, John Dixon from ATWT. I still remember John attacking Lisa and her Pearl necklace broke into a thousand pieces.

On GH Luke raped Laura and they turned it into a romance. Even had Elizabeth Taylor at their wedding.

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