I don’t understand this Breacon narrative

Riley, 5/14/2022, 3:56PM(196 days ago) @GracieGirl

So although Brooke an alcoholic was drunk she knowingly and willingly partied with Deacon and invited him to spend the night? I’m confused because that next morning Brooke expressed shock to see Deacon there. I’m also remembering the Ridge-Shauna story. Is the show now saying that Ridge willingly went upstairs with Shauna, allowed her to take off his clothes and slipped under the covers with him? Brooke learned about what happened from the bartender. I’m confused about these alcohol stories. Under what circumstances are characters in control? In real life, there many young college men serving jail time because young college coed can’t remember inviting them to the room because they all were drunk.

What counts for me when it comes to classifying situations like these as rape or not is if the culprits were aware that the other person was likely too intoxicated or impaired to say no and if there's a valid reason to believe a simple no would have been enough to make them back off. If both of those criteria are in favor of the culprit, I would never call that person a rapist.

Quinn absolutely knew that Liam was mentally impaired and she consciously took advantage of his condition, so I'd definitely call that rape.
But when Thomas slept with Caroline he had no idea that she had taken pills in addition to her drinking. From his point of view, after what he had witnessed, she wasn't any more intoxicated than he was himself, so he had no reason to believe she was incapable of stopping him if she didn't want him in her bed. If he had been sober, he might have realized that something more was wrong with her than just being a little drunk, but due to his own drinking he was even less sensitive to her real condition. When she didn't push him away he took that as consent based on what he knew about her condition. So to me that wasn't rape.

Same with the Ridge/Brooke situation. Of course it was a bad idea and very egoistical of him to go upstairs at all after Brooke had already told him to leave a few minutes before. He also didn't have the excuse of being drunk himself like Thomas. But just like Thomas, Ridge had no idea that Brooke had taken any pills and was too intoxicated to tell him yet again to leave her alone if that was what she really wanted. When she didn't, he truly thought she had changed her mind. I have no doubt he would have respected her wishes if she had told him to get out of her bed. He clearly believed that saying no was something she was still capable of, because his reaction the next morning when he realized that he had misinterpreted the situation spoke volumes. He was literally beating himself up for hurting her. And even Brooke herself almost instantly forgave him because she knew he would never intentionally do anything like that to her. So once again no rape in my opinion.

Actually, situations like a totally sober and unimpaired Nick taking advantage of Brooke at the foundry, when it took nothing but common sense to realize that she was in no condition to consent after she had just tried to kill herself out of grief over her husband, or like a totally sober and unimpaired Shauna taking advantage of a clearly passed out Ridge by kissing and snuggling up to a man she was fangirling over, who had never given her any signals that he was interested in her, were much more questionable acts to me than the two situations above. Shauna even had the audacity to call those moments "romantic" when she told Flo about the night. If Ridge or any other man had ever done the same to a passed out woman who had never been interested in him at all, all hell would have broken loose.

As for Brooke and Deacon on NYE, the original topic of this thread, it's hard to say how much of the blame for the kiss is solely on Deacon. But what he can absolutely be blamed for is that he didn't really do anything to stop a recovered alcoholic from downing the vodka like water. Because when they started drinking together he was clearly still sober enough to realize what this meant for her health, he just didn't care. When she opened the bottle he uttered a half-hearted warning, and then he quickly shut up because he knew this was his chance to finally have a little fun with Brooke and get closer to her after all those times she had rejected him before when she was sober.
Also, he can't have been nearly as drunk as Brooke even by the time they kissed, because how would he still have been able to help her upstairs and put her into bed when she passed out if he had been more than tipsy himself? How would he still have remembered everything that happened after the kiss while she didn't, and how would he still have been able to make the conscious decision to sleep in the same bed but on top of the covers? If he had been as drunk as she was, they both would have passed out together on the couch in the living room shortly after the kiss.
I still wouldn't put all the blame for the kiss on him, because he probably didn’t realize that Brooke was already so drunk that she was about to pass out. But the way the show is now making it sound like Brooke invited Deacon to sleep on her bed even though she was already passed out and that she might have kissed him even without the alcohol, only to make Deacon look less sleazy, is just infuriating. Exactly the same way when what Shauna did to a completely incapacitated Ridge at Bikini or what Nick did to a suicidal Brooke at the foundry was brushed off as no big deal and quickly swept under the rug just to make them a viable part of a triangle with Bridge.

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