I don’t understand this Breacon narrative

matisse, 5/14/2022, 12:09PM(196 days ago) @pspcindy- one person liked this

Deacon was always a bad boy...not only with Bridget but also with Amber or Becky or whoever he was with.
Not as criminal as Sheila or Quinn but criminal enough...not a psychopath though, just a scoundrel.

That is how I see him too. Deacon is a character that you can like but not like some of his actions. He is a scoundrel but he really loved Brooke, Amber and Bridget.

I liked the scene with Deacon, Brooke and Hope yesterday. Deacon is playful and relaxed. I have no idea why they have him pushing a broom at the restaurant. When he was first on this show, he owned a nightclub, did karate, wore a lot of leather and was a badass fringe gangster type. He was basically a loan shark with some humor. His character was similar to Chili Palmer in Get Shorty. They should get him back to that role, and he would be the lead male on this show. I could see a Steffy/Deacon hook-up if they put him back to his beginnings.

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