Why waste time making Taylor a fool

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When did Hope treat Taylor like crap?
If anything, it was the other way round.

Hope has very disrespectful towards Taylor, from banning her from The Forester mansion for Christmas because she was “scared to have Taylor around because Taylor allegedly shot Bill to protecting Liam and telling him not to tell anyone when she thought he had shot Bill.
Then Hope when to Steffy house and attacked Taylor when she returned to tell her to stay away from Ridge when Taylor hadn’t sought Ridge out at all. Hope disrespects Taylor all the time!

Taylor had shot Bill and then she berated a pregnant Hope for "stealing" Liam away from Steffy. She then tried to ruin Hope and Liam's wedding. Who would want that lunatic around their newborn baby?

Hope was smart to put Steffy and Taylor on notice. Steffy had declared war on the Logans and was actively trying to break up Brooke and Ridge's marriage. Hope was right about them.

Taylor was nasty to Hope in the hospital, constantly reminding her of Liam and Steffy's connection and how Liam was going to be there for Steffy. And this was all while Hope was supporting Steffy and agreeing to let Liam act as her husband. Taylor is a witch. And she's incredibly dumb. She's a dumb witch. And she's a schemer.

"I love you more than anything or anyone in the world. And I want you by my side for the rest of my life."

"You're the love of my life."

Liam to Hope. Debate over.

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