Ridge will deal with Thomas

pspcindy @, 5/14/2022, 11:19AM(11 days ago) @GollyMollie- 2 people liked this

Ridge said he'll deal with Thomas later. How will he do that? Give him a talking to?

I think Ridge is going to forgive Thomas and bury that Thomas didn’t say anything. Ridge has to take some responsibility for his choices all those years, that led to his kids feeling as though they come second to the Logan’s

Ridge's brats never, ever came second to the Logans. Ridge treats Hope like dirt if she ever gets in the way of Steffy or Thomas. Ridge lived with his children most of their live-even when he was married to Brooke and Taylor was supposedly eating dirt. Brooke's children are the ones who came in second to the Tridge brats. Rick and Hope got the worst of it. Bridget was a bit luckier in that regard. Even now it is like RJ doesn't even exist.


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