Why waste time making Taylor a fool

pspcindy @, 5/14/2022, 11:14AM(262 days ago) @GollyMollie

When did Hope treat Taylor like crap?
If anything, it was the other way round.

Hope has very disrespectful towards Taylor, from banning her from The Forester mansion for Christmas because she was “scared to have Taylor around because Taylor allegedly shot Bill to protecting Liam and telling him not to tell anyone when she thought he had shot Bill.
Then Hope when to Steffy house and attacked Taylor when she returned to tell her to stay away from Ridge when Taylor hadn’t sought Ridge out at all. Hope disrespects Taylor all the time!

Allegedly? B&B showed a scene of Taylor shooting Bill in the back. She did it. Then she ran off and has never paid for it. The only thing she did was get on her knees and beg Brooke not to turn her in. Brooke was compassionate and did not. Did she treat Brooke fairly? No. Taylor made a fool of herself and continues to do so. It wasn't a waste of time. It is who desperate, bitter Taylor is.


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