Why waste time making Taylor a fool

GollyMollie, 5/14/2022, 9:22AM(392 days ago) @hopeyougogirl
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Taylor has been away all these years. She had no idea what had gone on before her return. Without getting a lay of the land, she begins this campaign to give Sheila the benefit of the doubt. What made Taylor think she was in a position to push for that. She believes the hype about being a world renown psychiatrist? Don’t expect her to lose her license but there should be anger from Steffy or some emotional consequence for opening the door to Sheila.

Anger from Steffy? Steffy will never hold her stupid mother accountable for anything..Steffy will blame Brooke before Taylor..even though Brooke was actually siding with Steffy while her stupid mother sided with psycho Sheila. It would be nice to see Steffy at least acknowledge what a dumb mistake her mother made for inviting evil Sheila over on Christmas eve, but highly doubt she will even chew her mother out.

I think Steffy is more concerned with grieving her husband than trying to find someone to blame. Remember all this mess started because Brooke had a jealous moment when she ran into Shelia and Deacon at the Italian restaurant and threatened Shelia! Brooke poked the psychopath, which led to her getting her champagne spiked while Steffy also poked the psychopath, when she followed her into a dark alley and tried to confront her and ended up shot and husband murdered. Basically there’s blame to go around but so these women have suffered enough so there’s no blame at this point!

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