Ridge will deal with Thomas

Riley, 5/14/2022, 7:35AM(392 days ago) @PoH

When was the last time we saw Brooke laugh? When was the last time Brooke had fun? Ridge only brings her cheating and misery. She deserves to have a man who loves her 100% and brings fun and laughter and happiness into her life. Ridge doesn't do that.

How doesn't Ridge do that when she was happy with him and having fun until the day she drank the spiked champagne and kissed Deacon? How was it Ridge's fault that she kept that kiss a secret from him even though he was totally supportive and not mad at her at all for getting drunk that night? How does Ridge only bring cheating and misery into her life when he just reacted to Brooke's own cheating with his enemy and to her own lie? I love Brooke, but I still can admit when she has messed up herself. Does anyone really think other men on the show would have reacted so much differently to the kiss and the lie than Ridge did?

For example, when Brooke kissed Ridge while being married to Nick, Nick didn't even hesitate one second before running to his ex-wife Bridget and sleeping with her. Ridge however still hasn't slept with Taylor months after moving out of Brooke's house. Or how about all the misery Nick brought into her life when he took advantage of a suicidal Brooke at the foundry, causing a paternity scare that made her leave Ridge even though she didn't want to? Yet somehow Nick is regarded as so much better than Ridge by many Brooke fans.
Just like Bill is regarded as so much better by many of her fans too, even though he brought misery to her life by trying to kill her son's father, by committing felonies behind her back and by emotionally blackmailing her to betray her own sister. And both of these men were only married to her for her a few months after dating her for just a few more months twice before. No comparison at all to the many years she has been with Ridge. Yet Ridge, who in all these years has never slept with any other woman while being married to Brooke like Nick did or who has never tried to kill anyone from Brooke's family like Bill did but even took the blame when her young son had shot someone is worse than any other man?

Even a completely new man wouldn't be better than Ridge. Men who always put their wives first, never cheat on their wives in any way for years or even decades and forgive their wives just like that when they are the ones who have cheated and/or lied simply don't exist on the show. Finn is someone who came close to that ideal of a completely loyal, devoted one-woman man for the past two years, but look what happened to him. Bell killed him because a completely "good" character like that is too boring for a soap in the long run.

Ridge is far from being a saint, and I'm often mad at him too, but it's simply not true that he only brings cheating and misery into Brooke's life. The times Ridge has hurt Brooke in 35 years (especially those when she hadn't given him a reason to be mad at her) totally pale in comparison to the times they have been happy together. And no matter who of them was responsible for their breakups, history has shown that Brooke is only miserable when she's without Ridge like she is right now, not when she's with him.

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