I don’t understand this Breacon narrative

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I agree...and I also remember the story where Caroline had taken pills (which Tom didn´t know) and then drank alcohol with Tom....she wasc crying like crazy because Ridge had left her.
She certainly was in no condition to consent to what happened then but still slept with Tom.
The next morning, when she woke up and saw what they had done, she was crying and screaming.
In my country, Tom would have problems to explain why this shouldn´t be called rape.
But in this show they told us this was a love story and they even had Caroline say later that she "wanted it too".
Not a very good message to young people at least...
(And I don´t want to start a discussion if it was rape, I am sure we had it here when it happened...just wanted to point out that the show doesn´t do alcohol and kissing/lovemaking in a pc way).

I think the fact that Tom was drunk too, changes it. Why would the man be the only one at fault, if both are drunk? Tom did not get her drunk, he did not know she took the pills. I think Deacon got drunk too. I am not sure. If so, he did not know Brooke was not drinking willingly, when she drank the cider. As a person who had not had alcohol in years, she would have gotten drunk much quicker from the cider. At that point, she may not have even known what she was doing when she picked up the Vodka. But still, Deacon would not have been aware that she was not doing this of her own choice. Addition to alcohol the way Brooke experienced it could be a physical allergy to alcohol. It produces a phenomenal craving. If it were this allergy, than she could not have stopped herself from drinking more, after she drank the spiked cider. They can never safely have any form of alcohol. Then there is the fact that women react to alcohol different than men. Women have less body water than man, so they absorb more alcohol into the blood than men. Both Tom and Deacon were getting drunk WITH the women.

Ridge actually did sexually molest Brooke in her bed. Brooke and Ridge had a conversation in her living room, standing up, about how he wanted her back, and she told him no, and told him to go home. She did not feel well and went up the stairs to her bedroom thinking he was leaving the house. She got undressed, took sleeping pills, got in her bed and fell asleep unknowing that Ridge was still downstairs having a hallucinational conversation with Massimo. Hallucination Massimo told Ridge to go upstairs and take what was his, and Ridge did. He went upstairs, took off his clothes, crawled into Brooke's bed, and started having sex with her. She was a little responsive in her unconscious state, so he took that as a green flag. The next day she was horrified he was in her bed, she was hysterical, she told him to leave. That is termed an acquaintance rape.

Quinn actually raped Liam by having sex repeatedly with a mentally impaired person. (no pun intended)

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