Why waste time making Taylor a fool

Barbybo, 5/14/2022, 3:13AM(392 days ago) @GracieGirl
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Taylor has been away all these years. She had no idea what had gone on before her return. Without getting a lay of the land, she begins this campaign to give Sheila the benefit of the doubt. What made Taylor think she was in a position to push for that. She believes the hype about being a world renown psychiatrist? Don’t expect her to lose her license but there should be anger from Steffy or some emotional consequence for opening the door to Sheila.

Shelia wasn’t even her patient how could she loose her license…..Taylor needs some zip the character looks like she’s in a daze at times, low key almost on downers the way they write her they need to liven the gal up, I think she loves Tom and Steffy she’s soppose to be older but she looks like Steffys sister ….they needed a older actress like Brooke to play Taylor ..jmo…I think ridge and her come off as a couple both love their children …I see no chemistry at all …I don’t dig two women wanting ridge give him someone knew liven up these characters …..all this rerun stuff is stale….I think Thorsten a good acter but his role needs to minus Brooke and Taylor maybe he could hire a new designer and they fall in love anything new for him ..I hated the Shelia storyline it bored me thank goodness no more gal talking and mopeing she was a drag…..Taylor pulling Shelia up tangling looked dumb she doesn’t look strong enough to pull her up….on tv even strong cops drop a tangling person, and she needs to rent after Steffys better …

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