Why waste time making Taylor a fool

Lizzy54, 5/14/2022, 1:21AM(271 days ago) @GracieGirl- 3 people liked this

I suppose it will be just swept under the carpet...like a lot of things in the last years.
What about Taylor shooting a man in the back and letting him lie in his blood?
Buying a baby for 250,000, cash in a suitcase?
Not to speak of her being an alcoholic too, who killed a woman when driving drunk....nothing is mentioned now anymore, this Taylor returned with a clean slate while Brooke gets bashed for kissing a man while drunk (involuntarily)...if the show decided that bad decisions from years ago should not be mentioned anymore then it should go for all the characters...if Taylor suddenly is a saint who did "nothing but good all her life" (┬ęSteffy) then everybody should not be reminded of their missdeeds anymore.:roll

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