Liam can be cordial with Thomas. Ridge can't be with Deacon

Tiqui1999 @, 1/14/2022, 4:12PM(11 days ago) @B&Bfan1980

I don't understand why Ridge has to be cordial. He has to be because of Douglas also Liam and Ridge are very different personality types. It would be different if Hope were a child, but she is an adult. Her relationship with her father should have nothing to do with Brooke and Ridge.

It's not a matter of why he has to be. It's the fact that he's incapable of being. People do things all the time that they don't have to do. It wouldn't be hard for Ridge to learn some civility. He just loves acting like a manaic.

And Liam did not have to be cordial to Thomas because of Douglas. Liam does it because of yeah, his personality. Ridge's personality sucks.

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